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Charity Across Penn Group: 2023-2024 Update

We are proud of these collective achievements and remain committed to making a positive impact in our community.

Wills & Probate | Business Wills – Limited Company

A Business Will is like a “normal” Will, mentioned above, but the difference is that it deals specifically with what should happen to...

2023 | Penn Group of Companies

Welcome to Penn Group of Companies! Established in 2007, Penn Group is a unique "one-stop" for all the professional services you may...

Wills & Probate | Do I Need To Update My Will?

When you are buying a home or another investment property, a number of questions can come up, like - do I need to update my Will...

Mortgage Advisor & Solicitor | Shak Inayat

I know how purchasing a home can be a very exciting time but I also know how daunting and problematic it can be. There are many things to...

Wills & Probate | Disinheriting Your Children

An abiding feature of English law is that you a free to leave your estate to whomever you please. Does that mean it is as simple as that...

Wills & Probate | Divorce & Wills

Shak Inayat | Penn Chambers | There is a reason why Penn Chambers, my law firm does Family Law and Wills, Trusts and Probate Law...

Wills & Probate | Wills And Wonky Walls

Shak Inayat | Penn Chambers | Plastering looks so easy yet when I have tried to do it myself it has proven to be way beyond my skill set. I

Wills & Probate | Wills Are Like Car MOT's

Shak Inayat | Wills & Probate Solicitor | If you don't have one then you have no real idea of what risks that you are taking driving your ve

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