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Wills & Probate | Wills And Wonky Walls

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

For me, plastering looks so easy yet when I have tried to do it myself it has proven to be way beyond my skill set. I did try and ended up with a wonky wall - and the worst part was it was only a smallish area I was trying to fix.

For some, scoring a penalty looks easy but the reality is very different.

What did you look at and think "I could easily do that" and have tried only to realise that is was the professional that you saw doing that made it look easy?

Drafting a Will is like that. They do look easy to draft. But even very very simple Wills can change substantially with an erroneous comma or full stop let alone, the language used, how it is executed (signed) and even stored.

Don't end up with a wonky wall. Get your Will prepared by a fully qualified Solicitor.

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