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Tech | Zoom To The Bottom?

Updated: Jul 31

Online meetings

Most people had not heard of Zoom or Teams prior to the coronavirus lockdown. We know from our personal experience of working with our clients that they saw Teams as some thing that just lurked in the Apps of Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) but that was all.

Now everyone knows of them both and use them all the time. Confidently.

Lets not forget that they also use Google hangouts/ Meets and increasingly so, WhatsApp too, to hold meetings.

With all the negative press that you cannot possibly have missed about the significant alleged security vulnerabilities in using Zoom – companies and individuals have been ditching Zoom in their droves.

The winner in these stakes so far seems to be Microsoft Teams. Most non-technical end users report to us that it is a little complicated to use (more on that in another blog) but trust it.

Only last month Microsoft stated that there were approximately 44 MILLION active users per day. Now they are suggesting that they have 75 million active users per day.

Compare with Zoom though who previously stated that they had 300 million active users per day (a claim that seems to have been erased from their details as of late). (Google according to some have circa 2 million active users per day)

Will Teams overtake Zoom for active users per day?

We will see.

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